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Port of Redwood City earns prestigious award from American Association of Port Authorities

REDWOOD CITY, CALIF.— The Port of Redwood City announced today that the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) has bestowed one of its top honors to the port for its new website, The Award of Overall Communications Excellence (Category 1) is the top award in AAPA’s competition.  

With an ambitious new vision for the future, coupled with a distinct desire to be a more transparent organization, the Port of Redwood City embarked on a comprehensive website modernization project in 2018 that completely overhauled their “front door” to the world. 

Ideally located on the Redwood Creek Channel in South San Francisco Bay, the specialty port was ready to take its profile to the next level by increasing its cargo tonnage, modernizing its terminal operations, diversifying its tenant portfolio and reinvesting in waterfront amenities. To accomplish this, the Port needed a digital presence that aligned with these aspirations and clearly communicated the Port’s vision. 

The website modernization project aimed to accomplish three significant goals: (1) improve organizational transparency, which had historically been lacking; (2) elevate the Port’s profile on the global stage to help facilitate the activation of its newly adopted 2020 Vision; and (3) advance UI and UX to lead to a more functional and modern website. 

Over a six-month period, the Port of Redwood City did just that by completely revamping its website with a crisp new design, user-friendly navigation structure, refreshed content, SEO optimization and online functionality. 

“Our website now reflects the Port’s role as an economic engine and global trade partner while strengthening the Port’s presence in the community and within the international cargo shipping industry,” explained Port Executive Director Kristine A. Zortman. “Most importantly, the new website gives the Port of Redwood City the credibility and significance it deserves to advance its 25-year vision into the future.” 

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