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Capital Infrastructure

One of the most important capital investments that the Port continues to support is dredging for both for cargo and recreational waterfront uses. Over the past several years, the Port has funded multiple dredging and capital infrastructure projects. Dredging maintains economic vitality in the region. The Port partners with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regularly to support the dredging of the main harbor channel. In addition, the Port funds dredging in and around Port wharves 1-4 in the Redwood Creek Channel.

Additionally, the Port has been designated by the federal government as the only South San Francisco Bay federal staging area for the deployment of regional first responders and emergency resources. The Port takes this designation seriously and is actively engaged with partner agencies in regular emergency exercises. The Port values public safety and works diligently to safeguard the region and its emergency resilience.

In addition, the Port maintains over 1 mile of public waterfront, walkways, vantage points and public art.

A new alternative and sustainable transportation effort is underway, in collaboration with the City of Redwood City and the Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA), exploring the feasibility of a public ferry service in the South Bay, connecting key large employers with residents thereby reducing vehicle miles traveled on local roadways.


For more on the ferry service effort, please see the documents linked below and visit the City of Redwood City's website. 

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