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Ready to have a splash of fun? Our mile of beautiful waterfront along Redwood Creek Channel offers public access for the community to enjoy fun adventures on the water with public boat launch, recreation rental and charter sailing options, along with public art, open space, a fishing pier, and special events for public enjoyment. All of these options exist alongside our thriving industrial business, creating a unique waterfront experience for the community.

pUBLIC Amenities

Public access to the water is an important part of our operations here at the Port. Our waterfront offers many public access opportunities. The public boat launch and public fishing pier are available for everyone to enjoy and our waterfront walkway is linked to the San Francisco Bay Trail which currently includes 356 miles of access around the Bay.

We have also installed public art to beautify our waterfront. The Port is home to a 3D mural, colorful bollards, and a local wildlife inspired sculpture that bring the waterfront to life. The Port is committed to more public art coming in the future!

Plus, our waterfront open spaces are available for special events and anytime visits. We have a large public waterfront with open space perfect for family picnics, birthday parties and get togethers; and a small landing adjacent to the public boat launch, perfect for smaller parties where you plan to be on the water. You can now permit waterfront parks for special events - the open space shown on the map below can accommodate intimate events for 20-something guests, or public gatherings for over 2,000! 


Public Boating

The Port is home to one of only two public boat launch ramps with access to San Francisco Bay south of Coyote Point. Boats on trailers can be launched in the Redwood City Channel 24 hours per day, seven days per week, for a nominal use fee of $7.50 per launch.


Be sure to familiarize yourself with the waterfront user safety guidelines, developed in partnership with the US Coast Guard.


Additionally, our tenants offer many options to enjoy a day on the water. For more information, check out our public boating resources below. 

Public Boating RESOURCES


Waterfront User

Safety Guidelines


Tide Chart


Ultimate Boating

Rules Quiz



Visit the Port of Redwood City Waterfront

Our tourism tenants offer fun opportunities to enjoy the waterfront even more. We are home to California Canoe & Kayak, Spinnaker Sailing, Sequoia Yacht Club, Port of Redwood City Marina, and the Seaport Event Center – each offering a variety of waterfront recreation options for anyone ready to splash into a good time!

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