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The Port's 2020 Vision will guide the next 25 years

The Port of Redwood City Board of Port Commissioners approved a long-term strategic vision in January of 2020 -  the first of its kind for the Port. The vision focuses on maximizing land use, improving infrastructure, diversifying maritime and commercial business efforts, improving operations, and protecting the environment – all with the overall goal of strengthening the port’s impact to the region’s economy and quality of life.

The Port has historically been a dry bulk port for the region, however the Vision sets a framework for cargo diversification including opportunities for RO/RO and project cargo.  The Vision has four major themes: land use prioritization, market preparedness, operational efficiencies and sustainability. Highlights include:


Align land use with business priorities

  • separate the priority use area for maritime activity from commercial and recreational use area

  • enhance public access along the waterfront

  • provide a public or private ferry service to South San Francisco Bay along with related infrastructure

  • create additional commercial and recreational shoreline uses


Proactively build market preparedness

  • diversify maritime business and cargo focus with infrastructure planning, proactive relationship development and strategic marketing

  • diversify commercial business with proactive real estate leasing, community-oriented programming and building awareness of waterfront offerings


Create operational efficiencies

  • establish cargo velocity standards for maritime users to move cargo through the Port at a pace that expands total cargo capacity and serves customer needs

  • consolidate similar cargo types to maximize throughput while minimizing storage footprint

  • create a Port of Redwood City waterfront destination by encouraging commercial and recreational uses


Ensure sustainability

  • meet or exceed environmental regulations and initiatives to ensure the waterfront as a natural resource

  • be a leader in industry sustainability initiatives

  • focus on being a good neighbor to the community with transparency, support and collaboration

  • maintain fiscally responsible practices

  • prioritize being a socially responsible agency  


Download the full 2020 Vision Plan

Download a summary of the 2020 Vision Plan

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