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Economic Impact

As a leading west-coast foreign trade agency, the Port furthers economic activity and economic impact to the Silicon Valley region through maritime trade activities, land-use and cargo operations, and by fostering public and private partnerships. Not only does the maritime industry drive high paying blue collar jobs, it supports indirect jobs like truck drivers and other critical employment opportunities to the region.

The deep water port is an integral part of Redwood City. It provides the City with a diversified jobs and tax base, environmental benefits, and distinctive character. The Port continues to prove its value as a working harbor, with a commitment to a healthy future, as our industrial businesses continue to invest locally in modernization. Download Fast Facts about the Port

The Circle of Slag


The various operations of the Port impact our economy, community and lives in more ways than we realize. Check out this circle of slag to learn about one of the ways our Port exports and imports cargo that you help create, and then use!

What in the world is slag, and how is the Port involved in the circle of slag? The answers may surprise you! You can explore the sources, production and uses of slag – and how it travels the world’s waterways – in our handy slag infographic.

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