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Tariff 7 applies to the Redwood City Municipal Marina. It defines the guidelines, rules & regulations to be followed to become a tenant of the Marina. It also breaks down the price per foot for different sized berths and other services that the Marina provides. Other services for example include:

  • Deposit of Waste Matter                                              Item 7 

  • Seaworthiness of Vessel                                              Item 16

  • Payment of Charges and Delinquency                       Item 22

  • Amenities                                                                     Item 25

Tariff 8 applies to Maritime tenants. It encompasses a range of fees and rates such as the transfer of merchandise by rail cars, the cost of security guards, longshoremen and rental equipment. Other services include:

  • Special Watchman's Services                     Item 116

  • Dockage - Basis for Computing Charges   Item 215

  • Storage Under Strike Conditions                Item 412

  • Terminals Liability                                       Item 420

  • Equipment Rental                                       Item 925

Tariff 8 also regulates in detail the various transactions that a maritime tenant may get involved in. Examples of some of these transactions include:

  • Dockage fee: the charge per 24 hours for docking at a wharf. The charge is based on the length of the vessel

  • Wharfage fee: the charge per metric ton of any commodity loaded or unloaded on a vessel

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