Environmental stewardship is an important value that the Port takes seriously and the Port community can work together to make a difference to keep our local creeks, the San Francisco Bay, and the Pacific Ocean safe and clean.

The Port of Redwood City has developed a Storm Water Management Plan to comply with the State Water Resources Control Board Waste Discharge Requirements for Storm Water Discharges from Small Municipal Storm Sewer Systems. Whether you are a maritime, recreational or commercial user of the Port, storm water and pollution management best practices apply to everyone. The Port complies with Federal and State requirements and actively works with stakeholders, the public and industry associations, to prevent storm water pollution. It takes collaboration and commitment to prevent and manage storm water pollution. The City of Redwood City offers resources to help prevent storm water pollution. For more online resources, visit the City of Redwood City's Storm Water Pollution Prevention webpage.

Other environmental initiatives that help further the Port’s philosophy in supporting environmental stewardship locally, includes supporting the City’s recycled water program and furthering the beneficial reuse of dredged materials.  The Port of Redwood City was a part of the City’s Recycled Water Phase 1 Project, as an original adopter of the City’s recycled water program in 2010. The Port uses recycled water for irrigation and two tenants use recycled water for dust control and industrial needs.  Since pumping began in 2007, the Recycled Water Project has helped save hundreds of millions of gallons of drinking water each year. The Port is proud to use recycled water as an alternative water source. To learn more about the City’s recycled water program, visit their webpage.  The Port participated in a beneficial reuse of dredge materials pilot program to support the restoration of the Bair Island Ecological Reserve. For more on the Bair Island Ecological Reserve, visit their webpage.

View our fact sheet on the Port's environmental stewardship efforts. For a new fact sheet on the Port's environmental stewardship efforts, go here