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Embedded in the Port of Redwood City’s operations are a variety of environmental programs and initiatives being implemented across our 120 acres of waterfront property. Our maritime commerce tenants and internal port team work collaboratively to ensure our standards of environmental care are upheld.   

We also work with our waterfront recreation partners to care for the flora and fauna and ensure the Redwood Creek Channel and the surrounding area remains a natural resource for future generations. 

Serving Silicon Valley The Port of Redwood City has a variety of environmental programs and initiatives. 

  • ​Green Marine participant

  • Water quality improvement

  • Energy savings

  • Recycled water

  • Beneficial reuse of dredged materials

Maritime tenant initiatives 

The Port’s waterfront business tenants ensure best practices are implemented to enhance environmental stewardship. 


  • Clean Harbors

  • Sims Metal Management

Learn more in our environmental stewardship fact sheet.

In the event of a leak or spill at or near a storm drain of Redwood Channel or Redwood Creek or if trash, debris or illegal dumping is observed


Contact the Port’s emergency contact number: (650) 306-4150


Email suggestions to keep Redwood Creek clean to:

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