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January 2022/Currents Newsletter

Maritime Fun Fact: More than 45 million people go fishing in the United States every year.

At the Port of Redwood City, we are starting the new year full of optimism and excitement. Whether you are familiar or new to the Currents newsletter, we are glad to have you on board! The monthly Currents newsletter provides up-to-date information on Port operations, tenants, events and more.

This month, we are spotlighting the Port’s tenant, Pabco Gypsum. Our tenants support industries throughout the greater Bay Area every day and it is an honor to partner with them at our waterfront.

Additionally, the Port recently announced the launch of its annual sponsorship program. The program provides funding to eligible local non-profit organizations and events that focus on maritime and waterfront recreation activities. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply now.


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