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Call for
Sponsorship Opportunities



The Port of Redwood City is now accepting sponsorship applications for local programs and events taking place between July 1, 2024 and June 30, 2025.  

We provide maritime commerce and waterfront recreation services that contribute to a thriving Silicon Valley region. Our strategic location feeds the construction industry with imported raw construction materials and cargo used in the region for manufacturing. The Port also maintains over one-mile of public waterfront, including access to waterfront recreation such as a public boat launch, fishing pier and art.


As part of our waterfront recreation efforts, the Port supports a lively and dynamic waterfront and invites the public and local businesses to use public waterfront land and access water recreation opportunities, on order to bring visitors to the waterfront. To encourage event hosting on the Port’s unique waterfront venues, the Port is offering an in-kind permit option for this year’s sponsorship opportunities.

The Port is committed to supporting our local community through a variety of ways including an annual community sponsorship program. The Port’s goals align with the City of Redwood City's Strategic Initiatives including Economic Development, Transportation, Community Building and Government Operations. 


Sponsorship Criteria

The Port offers community organizations sponsorship with an overarching focus on maritime and waterfront recreation activities to enhance the local community. The Port’s four focus areas for sponsorship opportunities include: 

     1) Economic Growth

     2) Environmental Stewardship

     3) Youth and Education

     4) Community Benefit


The Port’s annual Call for Sponsorships helps us maintain a transparent framework for the Port’s sponsorship process. Applicants may request funding for event sponsorship, waiver of permit fees for waterfront events, or program and operational support. 


Application period

The open application period will be from January 16 to April 12. Applications may be submitted online or delivered to the Port via US Postal Service. If application is mailed, please ensure postmark by April 12, 2024 or the application will not be accepted. The Port will consider applications received by 5 p.m. on Friday, April 12, 2024. 


All applications received prior to the deadline will be evaluated by Port staff and members of the Board.

Sponsorship Selection

Limited funding opportunities are available, and priority is given to events and organizations aligned with the Port’s purposes, maritime commerce and waterfront recreation, within the four focus areas listed above in sponsorship criteria. The Port reserves the right at its sole discretion to award and disburse funding. Awards may not be in the full amount of request, dependent on budget and merit. 


Selected organizations will be contacted for award discussion and timeline via e-mail. Organizations not selected for sponsorship will receive notification via email.



If you have any questions regarding the Port of Redwood City sponsorship application process or have trouble filling out the online form, please contact us at: 650-306-4150 or email

2024 Sponsorship Program Application

Organization Information

Contact Information

Previous Sponsorship Program Recipient

Has your organization received sponsorship funds from the Port of Redwood City in the past?

2024 Sponsorship Information

What Port sponsorship focus area(s) ar you aplying under? (Check all that apply)
What are you requesting funding for?
Is your organization classified as tax-exempt under sections 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal revenue code, or a public agency?
Pease check which percent of Port funding will be used towards program/event support.
In recognition of sponsorship support, please indicate the opportunities that the Port will be provided to help educate your members or participants about the Port of Redwood City’s mission and operations (please check all that apply)
Is this event being held on the waterfront?
If so, are you requesting waiver of permit fees as an in-kind donation?

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