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April 2021/Currents Newsletter

A message from the Executive Director - This April, we are celebrating Earth Month and it’s a great time to make our own corners of the planet greener and more welcoming to the species we share it with. The Port is home to several local organizations that volunteer doing special projects, including weed abatement, trash pick-up, landscaping and other valuable initiatives that enhance our public open space as well as provide a service to mother nature.

Our Sea Scouts and Girl Scouts are always looking for new opportunities to make our Port look great and give back to our local sustainability measures. The Sequoia Yacht Club pursues similar types of measures through their membership as well as their youth sailing and education programs. We are grateful for their volunteer work to uphold our environmental stewardship endeavors.

We also ask our visitors to keep green practices in mind. From picking up trash after your picnic so loose debris doesn’t land in our channel, to teaching our youth to harness science, technology, art and creativity to help protect the environment, let’s work together to safeguard our planet for present and future generations.


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