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March 2024/Currents Newsletter

Updated: 2 hours ago

Fun Fact: Did you know that in 1882 the Port became a federally approved shipping channel for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers?

Last month, myself and other California port executives came together in Sacramento to celebrate California Ports Day 2024. This day provides an opportunity for key policymakers and regional officials to learn about the significance of a port’s role within the state’s economy. 

In California alone, there are 11 major deepwater seaports that contribute to three million jobs and produce more than $38 billion in revenue every year. Additionally, California ports are responsible for managing roughly 38% of containerized imports and about 28% of containerized exports throughout the United States. It is evident that the participation and work of all California Ports advance economic growth. 

Within port operations across California, I am proud to share that Port of Redwood City has made tremendous contributions and continues to play an integral role within the maritime industry. In January alone, the Port had 10 vessels import goods, including six cargo ships and four barges. Since the beginning of the year, the Port has imported approximately 137,016 metric tons – 107,809 metric tons being sand and aggregates – from within North America.

Here at the Port of Redwood City, we specialize in bulk, neo-bulk and liquid cargoes and pride ourselves in being a leading economic driver in the region. Since 2019, our revenue continues to grow year over year, totaling $46 million across the four years. We are honored to play such a vital role in this dominant industry. 

I encourage everyone to learn more about the interworking’s of ports and invite you to visit your local port right here in Redwood City to see the impactful work we do each day!


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