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April 2024/Currents Newsletter

Fun Fact: Did you know that in 1917, the world’s first cement-hulled ocean-going vessel, ‘Faith,’ was built at the Port?

It’s April and Earth Day is upon us! At the Port of Redwood City, we celebrate our planet 365 days a year and promote sustainable practices. 

As a collective, whether it’s through disposing waste in the appropriate bins on the waterfront, learning about our local marine species or implementing sustainable maritime initiatives, we all have a vital role when it comes to caring and cleaning our planet for now and generations to come. For several years, the Port has been a loyal partner of the largest voluntary environmental certification program for North America’s maritime industry, a Green Marine participant. Within the program, the Port must consistently report performance indicators that include greenhouse gases and air pollutants, spill prevention, stormwater management and community impacts. 

Various sustainable practices including water quality, energy savings, use of recycled water and reuse of dredged materials is a great representation of our role in maintaining Earth’s vitality. 

Visit the Earth Day website to see how others are celebrating this important day across the globe. 

While celebrating Mother Earth this month, in Currents you’ll also learn about the circle of slag’s significance to Port operations and receive a reminder about our exciting free Star Wars Drone Show on Saturday, May 4 from 6-9 p.m.


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