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Couldn’t the Port’s vision for the future look to the past?

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

The Port of Redwood City is seeking “innovative proposals” which will deliver “a unique waterfront destination experience.” Here’s one suggestion: a museum highlighting Redwood City’s maritime history, which reaches back to the days of wooden ships and encompasses several headline-grabbing stories, including the launching of a freighter made of concrete. Top billing, however, surely goes to a mysterious barge that involved the CIA and Howard Hughes.

The port’s plea for new ideas came in March when it issued a Request for Proposals that port officials hope will result in development of several acres described as “just waiting to be re-imagined.” Port Director Kristine Zortman said, “We are in an exciting time where we can look to celebrate our history while creating a new vision for our future. We love to promote our port and look forward to creating a wonderful destination for our community.”

Read the Climate article here.


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