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August 2021/Currents Newsletter

Maritime Fun Fact: The front of a boat is known as the bow, and the rear of a boat is known as the stern. If you’re looking towards the bow, the left-hand side of the boat is the port side, while the right-hand side is starboard.

For over 80 years, the Port of Redwood City has been governed by a five-member Board of Port Commissioners. In 1937, the City of Redwood City through its charter incorporated the port with the first appointments of the Board of Port Commissioners. Since then, port commissioners have worked to grow the Port's economic vitality to meet regional needs.

While serving a four-year board term, commissioners support the port’s three values:

  • Maritime commerce

  • Waterfront recreation

  • Serving Silicon Valley

Recently the Board voted to elect Commissioner Richard Claire as the new board chairperson. Chairman Claire will take the place of Commissioner Lorianna Kastrop as her one-year term as chairperson sunsets. We welcome Chairman Claire's leadership and look forward to continuing to serve our community.

To learn more about our board meetings, visit the Port Commission meeting schedule and attend an upcoming meeting.


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