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September 2022/Currents Newsletter

Maritime Fun Fact: In 2017, the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) designated the Port as a Federal Staging Area (FSA) to support regional emergency response. Today, the Port continues to support the region’s emergency preparedness through this critical role.

September is National Preparedness Month! At the Port of Redwood City, we are proud of our role in supporting regional emergency preparedness initiatives. The safety and security of the Port, community and surrounding environment are paramount in our day-to-day operations.

In this edition of Currents, you’ll learn about the Port’s fiscal year 2021-22 numbers, which highlight our progress in developing new business revenue streams and maintaining positive growth.

There are also several community events happening at the Port’s waterfront in the upcoming weeks. We hope you will join us at PortFest on Saturday, Oct. 1 and Rock the Dock concerts every Saturday through Nov. 19.

As always, I am honored to work with the Port Commission, staff and partners to ensure our region’s safety. I encourage you to learn more about our partners in the Serving Silicon Valley section.


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