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September 2020 / Currents Newsletter

A Message from the Executive Director

This year has created many economic challenges for industries across the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Like ports everywhere, we recently reported that our total cargo tonnage is down by 21 percent from a year ago. Not surprisingly, this is due to the decreased consumer demand, government mandates and canceled sailings.

While we are carefully monitoring these numbers, we are optimistic that the dip will be short-lived. Prior to the pandemic, we were on track for another record-breaking year – and cargo numbers are steadily rising again! A federal infrastructure bill and progress on a vaccine for COVID-19 could bring business back even faster. Thanks to our conservative budget, we are in good shape financially and we are not making any reductions to our operational levels. We will continue keeping a close eye on global conditions and making any needed adjustments. Our job is to ensure we navigate these changes as efficiently as possible to keep the Port strong and healthy.

In this month’s update, we will share how we are participating in National Preparedness Month, introduce you to our popular new fresh fish stand, and invite you to enjoy a fun new activity – drive-in movies at the Port!

From all of us at the Port of Redwood City, have a wonderful month!


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