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October 2022/Currents Newsletter

Maritime Fun Fact: The Port Security Grant Program awarded over $100 million in 2021 to help protect critical port infrastructure.

October was a busy month at the Port! At the beginning of the month, we welcomed community members to our annual PortFest family festival. It was a fun-filled day on the bay and we hope you will visit again for more maritime adventures! Thank you to all who joined the event.

Additionally, the Port recently hosted its annual full scale emergency preparedness exercise. First responder professionals from around San Mateo County, the State, and Federal agencies collaborated on several exercises aimed at preparing for when a disaster may strike. We are honored to work alongside these agencies on safety and security training to benefit our community.

I'm also pleased to share that the Port received a Port Security Grant Program award for the fifth year in a row. Learn more about how this funding will continue to support regional resilience in the Serving Silicon Valley section.

Thank you for following Port news and updates. We encourage you to follow us on social media for additional updates.


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