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May 2020 / Currents Newsletter

A Message from the Executive Director

May is a special month here at the Port of Redwood City! It’s Maritime Month, when we celebrate how the Port serves as an economic engine, bringing $9.3 million dollars to our economy last fiscal year, thanks largely to our maritime industry. 

In 1933, the U. S. Congress designated May 22nd as National Maritime Day.  Annually, ports across the nation recognize Maritime Day and the people serving in our maritime industry.  The Port is a driver of our regional economy, particularly the construction and development industry, and our maritime trade and commercial businesses on the waterfront support the economy with well-paying jobs. 

Of course, this is a different May than most. As our workplaces continue to adapt to new ways of doing business and #stayathome orders begin to be lifted, our port has never stopped operating as an essential business.  We, too, have had to adjust some of our operations but as an essential service under the Maritime Transportation category, we are proud to remain open for business. Our maritime industry is essential because – like ports around the world – it keeps international trade flowing. We are connected to the global economy with imports from countries such as Australia, Canada, and Mexico, and exports to Asia and the far-east.  


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