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July 2023/Currents Newsletter

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Maritime Fun Fact: Did you know, before the twentieth century, slag was most commonly used as the support bed for railroad tracks? Now, millions of tons of slag are produced and used annually in the United States for infrastructure projects.

Summer is officially in full swing and exciting things are happening at the Port! We want to extend a big thank you to everyone in the community who came to the fireworks show on the Fourth of July! It was a spectacular event, thank you again to everyone for keeping the Port clean of trash and debris while enjoying the waterfront.

Join us for summer fun activities on and off the water, including, looking at the local art. Stop by Marlon Yanes’ 3D art piece near the marina to figure out how this optical illusion works. Or come visit one Saturday afternoon for live music on the water while strolling along other artwork and images.

The driving force of our Port's maritime economic engine allows us to offer these types of recreational waterfront activities.

Remember to stay safe and follow safety guidelines when out on the water this summer!


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