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February 2021 / Currents Newsletter

A Message from the Executive Director

In 2021, we remain hopeful that the tides will change and that fair winds and calm seas will prevail for all. We are optimistic about the new year as we embrace what our Port has to offer to the region – a harmonious existence of recreation, commerce, transportation, and environmental sustainability.

While it’s clear the pandemic still has its grasp on our country, the Port of Redwood City will continue to actively pursue new initiatives and land uses that are aligned with community and business priorities. In this edition, we are spotlighting the future ferry at the Port. Not only will the ferry offer a viable waterborne alternative mode of transportation, but it will also strengthen the region’s emergency preparedness through our Port. We want to be a ready Port for Silicon Valley and beyond in all aspects, including commerce, transportation, and emergency preparedness.

We look ahead to a very bright future for the Port, even as we navigate today the challenges we face together in partnership with our community.


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