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August 2020 / Currents Newsletter

A Message from the Executive Director

Our waterfront is open, and we are becoming accustomed to a new way of operating at the Port of Redwood City! As summer rolls on, people are enjoying our open spaces and waterways. At the same time, cargo has never stopped moving through our port – and our maritime businesses continue to operate.  

I am very pleased to welcome Pioneer Seafood to our Port! They are relocating from Pier 47 in San Francisco, where they built a huge following of seafood-lovers. Their new location at 409 Seafood Court in Redwood City features fresh fish sales off the boat and a food truck where customers can enjoy fresh-from-the-boat seafood plates.

Additionally behind the scenes at the Port, we have wonderful new online resources for children to learn about the Port of Redwood City.

We hope you enjoy this month’s update, and we look forward to seeing you soon! 


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