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Port Memories



PortFest is an annual day-long waterfront festival held on the first Saturday of October at the Port of Redwood City. PortFest welcomes the community to learn about the maritime heritage of the Port of Redwood City, the industrial working waterfront as well as recreational activities on the San Francisco Bay.


​A Replica of Christopher Columbus' Ship, "The NiÑa" Docked at The Port of Redwood City June 27, 2002

La Niña (Spanish for The Girl) was one of the three Spanish ships used by explorer Christopher Columbus in his first voyage to the West Indies in 1492. As was tradition for Spanish ships of the day, she bore a female saint's name, Santa Clara. However, she was commonly referred to by her nickname, La Niña. Niña was about 60 tons and around 50 feet in length on the Deck. The ship was equal to a medium-sized caravel, a small highly-maneuverable sailing ship developed in the 15th century by the Portuguese.​

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