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Port of Redwood City elects Port Commission officers and reports fiscal year 2021-22 numbers

The Port of Redwood City’s Board of Port Commissioners voted to elect three commissioners to officer positions at the August 24 Board meeting. Commissioners Ralph Garcia, Lorianna Kastrop and Stan Maupin will assume leadership for the Port Commission. The three officers will make key decisions on priorities, strategies, budget and operations, alongside Commissioners Richard Claire and Nancy C. Radcliffe. The Port of Redwood City would like to thank Commissioner Claire for his leadership as chairperson over the past year.

Ralph Garcia, appointed as the new chairperson, continues his 17-year tenure on the Port Commission. Before joining the Port Commission in 2005, he served for 10 years on the Redwood City Planning Commission, including a two-year term as commissioner chairman. Garcia has more than 40 years of business experience in Redwood City.

Lorianna Kastrop joins the commissioner officers as vice chairperson. Since joining the Port Commission in 2008, Kastrop has been involved in supporting operations and developing events, including the Port’s annual PortFest event. Kastrop has served on numerous non-profit boards in the Redwood City community.

Stan Maupin was recently appointed to the Port Commission in June and elected as secretary for the 2022-23 fiscal year term. Maupin is a United States Marine Corps veteran and brings more than 32 years of fire service in Foster City and Redwood City. He has been involved in many committees and commissions to support the greater San Mateo community.

“Thank you to Commissioner Claire for his leadership as chairperson in 2021-22. I am honored to lead the Commission alongside Commissioners Kastrop and Maupin,” said Chair Garcia. “The Board of Port Commissioners looks forward to supporting maritime operations, regional resiliency and continuing to create recreation opportunities for the public to enjoy our beautiful waterfront.”

Fiscal year update

The Port of Redwood City recently announced that fiscal year 2021-22 closed favorably with $9.4 million in gross revenue. The Port’s property rentals, leases and new business contributed to the positive growth in revenue of 4% ($375,000), compared to the previous fiscal year’s $9 million in gross revenue.

The Port’s total cargo tonnage decreased to 1.79 million metric tons (MT), which was a 30,000 MT reduction from the previous year’s tonnage. The decline in tonnage is associated with the continued impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic, but Port officials are optimistic about the upcoming fiscal year as the global supply chain strengthens.

The Port continues to garner new business and increase other sources of revenue through property rentals and leases. With exciting projects on the horizon like the Redwood City Ferry Terminal Project, the Port Commission looks ahead to continuing its efforts activating the waterfront and bringing new opportunities for community engagement.

“Despite the reduced tonnage, the Port’s revenues have remained resilient with a positive end to the fiscal year,” shared Port of Redwood City Executive Director Kristine A. Zortman. “Thank you to the Port Commissioners and Port staff for their dedication to operations. I look forward to continuing the positive trend in the new fiscal year.”


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