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Port of Redwood City earns distinguished award from American Association of Port Authorities

Port of Redwood City is a two-time award recipient from the American Association of Port Authorities

REDWOOD CITY, CALIF.— The Port of Redwood City (Port) was honored last week at the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) conference in Austin, Texas for its engaging campaign, “Splash of Fun.” The Overall Campaign Award of Excellence is a prestigious recognition in the port industry because it is one of 14 competitive award classifications. The AAPA is an international organization empowering over 130 Ports and maritime industry partners to serve global customers and create economic and social value for their communities.

The “Splash of Fun” campaign serves as the Port’s campaign for promoting waterfront activation. In recent years, especially throughout the pandemic, the Port has brought innovative and safe gathering opportunities to the community. From drive-in movies to fresh local fish sales, the Port’s waterfront has a renewed energy. As the only deep-water port in the South San Francisco Bay, the Port is balancing maritime commerce and waterfront recreation to serve the Silicon Valley and beyond.

The “Splash of Fun” campaign was originally launched in 2020 and included a new interactive map, social media videos, printed posters and flyers and digital ads. Since then, the campaign has boosted the community's awareness, raising the Port’s local profile and the public’s attendance at Port events.

This is not the first AAPA award the Port has earned. In an impressive back-to-back recognition, the Port was bestowed the Award of Overall Communications Excellence (Category 1) in 2020 for its new transparent and engaging website. As a respected and well-known leader in regional maritime commerce and emergency preparedness, the Port is also emerging as a leader in communications.

“The "Splash of Fun” campaign reflects the Port’s new activation of our recreational waterfront for the greater Silicon Valley community,” said Port Executive Director Kristine A. Zortman. “The Port has remained resilient by collaborating with the City of Redwood City and our tenant businesses to create innovative strategies to bring people to the bayfront.”


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