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October 2020 / Currents Newsletter

A Message from the Executive Director

Join me in welcoming our new board officers and congratulating our board members on their recent reappointments. On September 21, 2020, the City council of the City of Redwood City voted to reappoint three incumbent commissioners. 

Commissioners Richard Claire, Ralph A. Garcia and Lorianna Kastrop will continue to lead the Port, along with current board members Richard Dodge and R. Simms Duncan, making key decision on priorities, strategies, budget and operations. 

Our board officers for the year will be: 

  • Chair – Lorianna Kastrop 

  • Vice Chair – Simms Duncan 

  • Secretary – Dick Dodge 

Our Board of Port Commissioners is the foundation of the Port. It is with their dedicated service and leadership that the Port continues to thrive as an economic engine for the region, offering waterfront recreation opportunities and serving the Silicon Valley community and beyond. 


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