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March 2020 / Currents Newsletter

A Message from the Executive Director

We are now in the twentieth year of the twenty-first century, and while the Port has been active since the mid 1800’s, we continue to see tremendous growth over the last few years,  further demonstrating our value to the region. The Port’s mid-year milestone continues that trend. For the first 6-months of the fiscal year, we moved 1.24 million tons of cargo through our Port and generated $4.7 million in economic impact, sustaining the previous years’ $4.7 million in revenue for the same period. The Port is on track to equal previous year’s success.  This should not be surprising as our Port has stood strong bringing in the raw construction materials that have historically built the region and continue to build Silicon Valley. 

The Port’s positive mid-year update demonstrate how maritime trade and commercial business on the waterfront continue to support the economy with well-paying jobs, fuel the regional construction industry and make waterfront recreation available to the community. Every day, our Port is conducting international trade. For example, during this 6-month period we hosted cargo from Australia, China, Mexico, and Canada. Export destinations included Bangladesh, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.  

In addition to focusing on commerce and trade, we are activating the recreational waterfront for the community. We recently commissioned new public art and began offering permits for residents and business’ to host waterfront events. We welcome our community to enjoy and learn about the Port and our waterfront.


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