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Ferry Status


Redwood City Ferry Service

The Port of Redwood City, partnered with the City of Redwood City and the Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA), are working together to establish passenger ferry service between Redwood City and San Francisco. Eventually, passenger ferry service could be extended to a location(s) in the East Bay.

The service is expected to engage the use of two, high speed, environmentally friendly, 149 passenger catamaran vessels. Initially, the vessels will offer passenger services during commute hours; however, schedules will be created to meet commuter demand requirements.


WETA Ferry Vessel: Gemini

Originally operating as the Water Transportation Authority (WTA), WETA was born from California SB976 and assumed responsibility for the expansion/management of a San Francisco Bay Area ferry system. WETA is responsible to implement a plan “A Strategy to Improve Public Transit with an Environmentally Friendly Ferry System” (the Plan) in order to mitigate surface transportation congestion and provide a much needed, regional means to serve transportation needs in the event of a natural or manmade disaster. The Plan has identified a number of new terminal locations and operating infrastructure needs necessary to expand ferry service in the Bay Area. Further information about WETA and expansion of Bay Area Ferry Service can be found at

Upon completion of several Redwood City Ferry Service Studies and Conceptual Design efforts, the following criteria have been established describing service assumptions:

Proposed Routes

  • Redwood City to San Francisco
  • Redwood City to East Bay

Trip Time

  • Redwood City to San Francisco Ferry Building: 47 minutes
  • Redwood City to East Bay: 45 minutes


  • Ferry Service will provide a level of congestion mitigation on Highways 101 and 280 by providing a more direct, pleasant and productive trans-bay commute option on the Peninsula to San Francisco corridor which is currently the most heavily traversed surface transportation route in the Bay Area.
  • The Pacific Shores Center Development, located near the proposed ferry terminal, currently offers more than 1.5 million square feet of office space that will accommodate more than 4000 jobs.
  • Thousands of Bay Area workers currently commute by car and Caltrain to Redwood City. Major employers include Oracle (7,000), San Mateo County (4,000), BroadVision, Sequoia and Kaiser Hospitals (500 each), and Electronic Arts (500).


  • WETA’s ridership studies forecast 1,420 daily passenger trips between Redwood City and San Francisco; at service maturity, it is projected that this could increase to 1,950 daily passenger trips. Those shifting from cars to transit account for the highest percentage of the projected ridership.
  • Nearly 800 of Oracle’s employees currently commute from shoreline communities including Newark/Fremont, Alameda/Oakland, Berkeley, Belmont and San Carlos.


  • A Redwood City terminal will enhance shoreline access and support the City’s growing waterfront business and residential communities.
  • In addition to serving job centers, this terminal will also be a lynchpin for proposed, surrounding residential projects. Several downtown residential housing developments are also in the planning phases and currently under review.
  • Westpoint Slough, at the eastern end of Seaport Blvd at the Port of Redwood City offers the best location and shortest transit time for commuter ferry service.


Site 3: Chosen Site

Studies concluded that the terminal facility will require four acres; this includes 2.8 acres for parking that can accommodate 254 vehicles. The design places the terminal facility footprint on Port owned property which is currently leased by CEMEX and being used as an aggregate terminal.

Phase 1 Ferry Terminal Complex

Intermodal Connections

WETA will work with SamTrans to provide feeder service to the Redwood City ferry terminal to existing transit modes/lines.

Emergency Response

  • A ferry terminal in Redwood City could provide emergency access to the Peninsula if highway and bridge travel is disrupted.
  • Ferry service was strategically utilized in 1989 after the Loma Prieta Earthquake due to blocked access and extensive damage of the Bay Bridge.
  • In 25 years, ferries have been used six times in the Bay Area to replace damaged or disrupted transportation links.



  • Terminal Construction: $20 million
  • Vessels (two): $22 million
  • Annual Operating Cost (Mature Service): $5 million

Proposed Funding Sources

  • Federal Ferryboat Discretionary Fund
  • San Mateo County Measure A Sales Tax Extension
  • Transit Impact Fees
  • Farebox Revenue