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The Port is located at 675 Seaport Blvd. Redwood City, CA 94063
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Port of Redwood City Facilities


Port Berthing Facilities

Wharves No. 1 & 2

Overall length 855 feet.
Depth alongside 34 feet (MLLW)
Ship unloading conveyor of 800/1000 tons per hour.
Bulk cement pipeline and hoppers.
Adjacent to 30,000 sq. ft. transit shed.
Bulk cement and general cargo

Wharves No. 3 & 4

Overall length 450 feet, plus additional berthing of 280 feet with dolphins.
Depth alongside 34 feet (MLLW).
Reinforced concrete pile and deck.
Ship loading conveyor of 300 tons/hour.
Open upland area for marshaling/storage.
Scrap metal and dry bulk cargo.

Wharf No. 5

Overall length 500 feet.
Depth alongside 34 feet (MLLW).
Reinforced concrete deck.
Petroleum pipeline.
Adjacent to paved area and storage tanks.
Petroleum and liquid bulk products

Additional Facilities/Services

All wharves lighted for 24-hour operation.
Electric, telephone and water hookups.
U.S. Coast Guard certified oil waste reception facility.
Handling equipment: 25-ton mobile crane, tractors, and forklifts.


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